Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

“Anybody who would stop and use the common sense that God gave them would realize the election was stolen. There’s no doubt about it. Too many irregularities. Too many things that just don’t happen by chance. And mathematically impossible,” Kentucky pastor John Isaacs said.

While few said they felt driven to join far-right groups such as militias or to march on state capitols in protests, many cited uncertainty about the future. Some vowed to stop participating in elections, while others promised primary payback against disloyal conservatives, reflecting the challenges ahead for establishment Republicans in a brewing internecine party battle with Trump’s more far-right followers.

“I don’t trust my government after all this crap. I was blind, but my eyes have been opened,” said Dotti Johnson, who wore a cap reading “Armed Infidel” in her McKee S&T general store.

Outside of Inez, in the unincorporated community of Tomahawk, hairdresser Gina Patrick, 60, said she grew up with a father who was a local reporter.

“They’re a communist party. They have radicalized to where they make no sense,” she said of Democrats.

“If somebody told you that if you didn’t see eye to eye with them they were going to take your kids away from you and put you in a concentration camp, and your children, have you reprogrammed, would you want to join with them?” she said. “That’s what the talk is. So, does that sound like unity to you?”

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