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Listening is first and foremost skill English communication. Proficient in listening skills not only helps you understand the speaker’s right, but also is the basis to improve your ability to speak accurately like native speakers. So how to English listening practice for beginners The most effective way? Along refer to 6 tips English listening practice for beginners in the following article.

Proactively listen

Listening practice English includes both active and passive listening. In particular, active listening means that you concentrate very hard to understand the content of the conversation or other listening materials. Meanwhile, passive listening is simply listening to the sounds the other person is saying unconsciously, without understanding.

English listening method for beginners |  ELSA Speak

In fact, passive listening only helps to create an environment for you to regularly contact English, create excitement in learning, not help you improve your listening skills. Want job English listening practice for beginners For results, you need to take the time to actively listen to memorize vocabulary, understand meaning and imitate pronunciation standards of native speakers.

At first, you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on active listening with long songs. Instead, choose your favorite shows, movies or songs. Then try to listen again and again to fully understand before moving on to more complex sources.

Watch movies in English or with bilingual subtitles

Watching English movies or programs with Vietnamese or bilingual subtitles is the way to go English listening practice for beginners extremely effective. You not only lose the feeling of boredom due to having to look up too much dictionary but also hear the diverse pronunciation, closest to reality.

Watch movies in English or with bilingual subtitles |  ELSA Speak

At first, you can simply watch movies and listen passively. After you understand the content of the movie, try to listen carefully, learn the words you have not heard clearly and learn related words to improve your vocabulary. Then, try to listen without subtitles to check to what extent your abilities are. This step-by-step listening practice method like this will help you improve your listening skills very quickly and accurately.

Play English games online

This is also a method that brings more excitement to learners. Through online games, you will be motivated to conquer different levels of the game to win. Thanks to that, your hearing ability is also gradually improved. Some of the sites you can check out, such as British Council Learn English, ESL Games World or ESL Games Plus are mainstream sources for a variety of fun games with different levels to choose from.

Guess the meaning from the context of the conversation when practicing English listening for beginners

In some cases, it may be difficult to fully understand every word in the sentence the speaker is referring to. Therefore, the method will include both keyword selection skills and sentence judgment. This allows you to communicate more smoothly even though you have limited vocabulary or hearing ability.

In addition, you should also base on the context, intonation or sign language that the speaker is expressing to understand exactly what they want to talk about. This way, you will gradually add more capital communicative English vocabulary without having to learn through books.

Try to interact with different voices

In fact, you’re not just communicating with people speaking English American style or English style but also English of Australians, Canadians … Even, the same English-speaking country has different regions with completely different usage of words and intonation.

Therefore, if you want to improve your listening skills, you should try to listen from as diverse as possible. This will help you hear and understand better quickly and also more confident in communication.

Try to hear different English voices |  ELSA Speak

Of course, when reviewing English listening skills, You should first pick and hear a voice you love, then expand to other areas.

Do not be confident when you do not understand everything when practicing listening to English for beginners

Even if you are a long-time English learner with an extremely wide amount of knowledge, there are certainly times when you do not fully understand what the speaker is trying to convey. This is perfectly okay, so don’t be afraid to ask others to speak slowly or repeat what you just said.

Because you need to remember that, even if you are using your mother tongue to communicate, you are not sure to fully understand every word in a sentence, let alone this is your second language. So, always be confident and don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand!
With 6 tips English listening practice for beginners Above, just try to do it every day, you will definitely improve your hearing. In addition, do not forget to improve the remaining skills, especially speaking skills to be able to communicate fluently and confidently like native speakers. ELSA software Speak is a reliable companion if you want to hone your speaking skills!

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