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If you are looking for an interior design style that will make your home more liberal and elegant then This is a very suggestion worth it for you considered.

Design style Nordic Interior (Scandivanian) comes from the Nordic region where there is a cold climate with most of the area close to the sea. Geographical features give this style a unique combination of white colors, light and natural raw materials, … to help bring a rustic, simple but very delicate living space. modern.

Beautiful Nordic region, which brings Scandinavian style

Apartments in the city, especially small-sized apartments, will be very suitable for this style because of the benefits of expanding space, bringing nature into the house that Nordic style brings. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make up the remarkable benefits of this style.

Influenced from the Nordic snow color, white is used throughout from the walls to the ceiling, even the floor will be tiled, white wood or other neutral colors. Good reflection combined with wide windows will make the house always brighter and filled with a sense of freedom.

The airy and close to nature are also the highlights that you easily feel as soon as you step into these style rooms.

The uniform white color combined with the large window frame helps to catch the light for the whole room

In addition, furniture such as floor coverings, curtains, … will also have neutral colors and are easy to combine such as beige, dark brown, black, and gray. The highlight of the Nordic-style room is usually focused on the decorations on the table, wall, … Sometimes, you can also cleverly use the ocean blue or the red color of fire to create another highlight. special for the room.

Minimize furniture and decorations to keep the space airy and tidy. The simple design of each item is also a factor for the space to reduce redundant details, creating comfort for the person to feel.

Along with that, the use of characteristic shelves to help create a good storage space is also a central factor of Nordic style. Instead of the cumbersome cabinets and difficult to arrange, you try to use the types of shelves, boxes beautifully, this will make the space like a work of art.

Simple, neat interior design for more spacious space
Interior design with soft rounded lines and delicate wooden legs is a hallmark of Nordic style
Combining the use of shelves and shelves to create art for the room

Like many other interior designs, a Nordic style is a style that has evolved over the years. For each architect, it can vary differently to suit each space, but still need to keep the inherent simplicity and simplicity.

Reference source: Nordic design style

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