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Understand How to quickly memorize English vocabulary Surely it is always the desire of many people. Because there is a certain amount of vocabulary, you can communicate freely, express your opinions and opinions when chatting without feeling shy or awkward. In fact, learning communicative English vocabulary Does not require you to be smart, have a good memory. Just know how to apply some of the tips suggested after work with your own hard work, sure to grasp Full set of English vocabulary will become a lot simpler.

5 learning ways to help you quickly memorize and remember English words for a long time

Lie down vocabulary through pronunciation

If you look at tourist sites, many vendors can English communication without even knowing how to write. This proves that pronunciation is one of the first factors in grasping a language.

How to quickly memorize English vocabulary is to learn by pronunciation |  ELSA Speak

Therefore, instead of just learning new words based on writing and understanding the meaning of words, you should combine with work pronouncing practice according to the international transcription of that word. Surely your word memorization speed will be much faster. Moreover, this also greatly aids in your listening or communication practice in the future.

This learning method may take you a little longer than usual but the effect will certainly be extremely different!

Allocate reasonable study time

How to learn English words quickly, remember to remember it’s not that you spend a lot of time cramming new words. Instead, set a goal for yourself to learn how many words each day and allocate time to study and practice appropriately.

Allocate reasonable study time |  ELSA Speak

You can take advantage of learning anytime, as soon as you have free time like before going to bed, waiting for the car, at recess … to learn 1-2 words. At the end of the day try to summarize what you have learned to review again.

How to learn English words quickly, remember to remember is both reading comprehension and translating

One How to quickly memorize English vocabulary Another thing you can apply every day, under any circumstances is to try to translate English into Vietnamese and vice versa. When you see an object or word, try to say the meaning in English. This will help you practice vocabulary extremely well.

How to quickly memorize English vocabulary is reading comprehension and translation |  ELSA Speak

In case you do not know the meaning of English, the study will also help you expand your vocabulary quickly and effectively. Moreover, thanks to this intuitive learning style, your English reflex will be very fast, extremely well support for daily communication when needed.

Learn through complete sentences

It’s not enough to learn each and every word, you want to find how to learn English you should study in complete sentences or phrases. As a result, you will master the usage of words, set sentences and use contexts of each different word.

Not only that, but diligently study by sentence and ability phrase English communication Your will be greatly improved. You will easily converse in English without having to waste time thinking and arranging words in sentences. Moreover, the way of talking is very natural and fluent, as standard as a native.

Learn through the ELSA Speak app

In addition to the above mentioned learning styles, you can seek help from ELSA software Speak. It can be said that ELSA is the combination of the above methods, helping you both improve your vocabulary and practice. pronunciation standards like a native.

ELSA has now developed more than 50 different topics with more than 1600 intuitive, real-life lessons to help you expand your vocabulary effectively and scientifically. ELSA’s exercises are arranged from easy to difficult levels, suitable for all your different levels and needs of learning English.

Learn vocabulary with the ELSA Speak app

Not only that, English Vietnamese dictionary with pronunciation Smart is built in English learning application ELSA will make your study much easier. You can easily look up vocabulary right in the practice interface, ELSA will provide full English, Vietnamese meanings, transcription and detailed examples of word usage.

The most special point when learn English ELSA Speak to mention is exclusive voice recognition with Artificial Intelligence, which can help you correct pronunciation errors and evaluate your ability. English pronunciation How many percent of your native population is. Thanks to that, you can practice and expand your capital communicative English vocabulary in the most comprehensive way.

These How to quickly memorize English vocabulary The above has been applied by many and successfully. How about you? Quickly plan to conquer this exciting language and share with ELSA!

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