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Many studies have proven, the ability to absorb new languages ​​in children is much better than adults. In addition, learning a second language gives children the opportunity to develop early language skills and brain thinking. Therefore, many parents let children learn English very early. However, many people are still unaware of the importance of work teach children standard English pronunciationInstead, only for children to learn in a familiar way. In essence, teach children standard English pronunciation extremely important, creating the foundation English communication good later.

The importance of teaching English pronunciation to children

Teaching children standard English pronunciation Right from the beginning is a core factor to help children develop listening and speaking skills in a methodical and flexible way. In addition, the pronunciation will create an important premise for communicating fluently and naturally like native speakers in the future.

Moreover, thanks to study English pronunciation right from the start, children will avoid pronunciation mistakes later. Because, once you get used to making mistakes, it will be very difficult to correct. This is also the common situation of many English learners today. So, teach children standard English pronunciation From the beginning it is almost imperative if parents want their children to develop their language skills in the best way.

How to teach English pronunciation for kids

How to teach English pronunciation for kids |  ELSA Speak

Other than adults, the process teach children standard English pronunciation need a specific time and route. The important factor is that parents must create an environment of exposure to English as much as possible, which will help children talk in the most natural and smooth way. Some ways that parents can apply for children such as:

Practice the voice of the person you like

Practice the voice of the person you like |  ELSA Speak

Children often have a habit of repeating what they have heard if they feel interested. Therefore, instead teach children standard English pronunciation Follow boring lessons, let your child listen and practice according to the voices of the people they love. It could be the cartoon character, child actor or favorite host.

It is not necessary to practice a lot, but instead instruct your baby to practice saying interesting and often repeated sentences of the person he likes. Gradually you will be surprised by the child’s pronunciation!

Let your baby listen to English as much as possible

Teach your baby to listen to English as much as possible |  ELSA Speak

Also similar to adults, to teach children standard English pronunciation You need to give children as much exposure to English as possible. Take advantage of the baby’s play time combined with children’s programs, songs or videos on Youtube. Surely this will contribute significantly to the ability English pronunciation of children later.

Choose from cartoons, foreign reality TV shows or children’s songs for kids to learn and play

One way to teach children standard English pronunciation Extremely effective is for children to learn through cartoons, reality programs or children’s songs. You can listen to and repeat what has been heard with your child. This way will help children pronounce and communicate in the most natural way, just like you are letting them live in a local environment.

Teach children pronunciation through IPA phonetic chart

Teaching children standard English pronunciation according to IPA table |  ELSA Speak

One of the factors is extremely important when learn English pronunciation English transliteration is a must for all ages. As soon as your child starts learning the alphabet, combine the instructions to help them master 44 phonetics and pronunciation rules for each word. This will be an important factor and follow throughout the child’s later English learning process, helping children distinguish the correct pronunciation of each word. So, want to teach children standard English pronunciationParents never skip this step.

Practice the correct pronunciation of each word

After learning English pronunciation tableYou can practice your baby the correct pronunciation of each word using the online dictionary. These dictionaries will have both phonetic and pronunciation sections, making them very convenient for learning.

In addition, parents can use ELSA software Speak to teach children standard English pronunciation like a native. ELSA Speak will provide more than 50 different topics for each level, making it easy to choose the most suitable study topic. Children will hear the standard read voice, then repeat.

The software will recognize voice thanks to Artificial Intelligence to detect mistakes when babies pronounce and correct errors for each syllable. Even parents who are not confident with their English pronunciation can still help their children practice speaking in a methodical way, not inferior to learning with native speakers.

Teach children to pronounce each sentence in English

After practicing the correct pronunciation of each word, you need to guide your child to pronounce the whole sentence. This is essential for children to learn to speak in a soft, natural and rhythmic way. Process teach children standard English pronunciation This can be combined with watching short conversations from cartoons or children’s favorite programs will help children learn quickly and love learning more.

Record your baby’s voice, listen again and correct mistakes

This is also a necessary step to teach children standard English pronunciation. Because, children who just read without hearing what they say will find it difficult to recognize the mistakes they often make. The recording and playback help both parents and children easily analyze and identify pronunciation errors, thereby improving their own pronunciation.

If you are not confident about this step, you can always seek help from ELSA Speak. This app will combine recording and point out errors at the same time, and guide your child to read the most correctly. The practice process will be graded by ELSA so that parents and children can recognize how much their pronunciation is similar to a native speaker, then continue to practice the missing parts to further improve.

Look for opportunities for your baby to communicate with native speakers

Finally, to increase confidence in communicating and practicing what has been learned, you should create conditions for children to communicate with foreigners. That could be extracurricular activities with foreigners, or short meetings at parks, tourist sites … All will help children have practical contact, get acquainted and gradually improve. ability to communicate effectively.
With the ways teach children standard English pronunciation As suggested by the natives above, hopefully parents will save a little time in finding the right method for their babies. In fact, the accompanying children learn English communication not too difficult. As long as you are patient, you will surely reap many results.

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