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AI (artificial intelligence technology) has been widely applied in smart electronic devices in recent years to bring great gadgets and experiences to users. In it, the lines smart television also quickly caught up and integrated smart features. So what is AI technology on Smart TV? What is the benefit of AI when applying to TV?

What is AI technology on smart TV?

AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, an artificial intelligence technology that uses algorithms to simulate human thinking and learning on electronic devices. This process includes: learning, reasoning and self-correcting.

AI technology - PRINT on smart TV tcl

AI technology on smart TV helps users to manipulate and control the TV easily and quickly thanks to the agility of AI.

Not only that, on television, when the integrated AI application in the image processing chip is customized for each environment. From there, the images are seen to look more realistic and vivid according to each different broadcast content.

Benefits of AI technology on TCL TVs

Remote voice control without remote

When you don’t have a remote, you can use it voice to ask the TV to perform actions such as launching apps, adjusting volume, and searching for content.

AI image balance

Based on advanced algorithms, the TV with AI image balancing automatically detects the frame from a variety of data sources based on intelligent algorithms such as brightness, contrast and color saturation automatically. color for best image quality.

Collecting data around the world, AI-enabled TVs search, recognize and check original picture quality for clearer and sharper correction.

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AI sound balance

Sound balance is based on the input audio signal, automatically adjusts the sound quality, intelligently increases and decreases the volume according to each scene in accordance with the AI ​​algorithm presentation content. For more vivid sound quality.

AI technology - PRINT on smart TV tcl

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Multi-device link

The TV can easily link multiple IoT devices through an artificial intelligence system. That means, your TV can view the status and control hundreds of devices in your home.

With the help of virtual assistant (Google Assistant), your TV is considered a wise maid for your family. It can be mentioned as: air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, soundbar, robot cleaning the house, curtains … This just done through your voice.

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AI technology – IN on TCL TV

AI technology - PRINT on smart TV tcl

TCL is one of the leading corporations applying AI technology to TVs as an inevitable part of the digital world. TCL’s product lines that have applied strong AI technology include:

– P615 Series

– P715 Series

– C715 Series

– C815 Series

– X10

– X915 Series

– Q716 Series

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