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In designing bedroom ceilings, you can choose from a variety of ceiling styles depending on your theme and personal preferences to embellish your life. but beautiful, modern and luxurious bedroom. ng living space. The following, Vinh Tuong introduces readers to beautiful bedroom ceiling models in popular designs as well as functional ceilings.

Collection of 5 simple but beautiful bedroom plaster ceiling samples

Simple beautiful bedroom jelly ceiling pattern

Simple ceiling model combined with level 1 led light (Source:

Simple bedroom plaster ceiling model

Simplicity and sophistication in a small bedroom ceiling design (Source:

Simple bedroom plaster ceiling model

Flat ceiling is the simplest but most beautiful type of ceiling that many people apply (Source:

Simple bedroom plaster ceiling model

Incorporating a large drop-off chandeliers helps the ceiling not feel too minimalistic (Source:

Simple bedroom plaster ceiling model

Compact ceiling style (Source:

Classifying dry plaster ceiling samples by design

Sample bedroom sunken ceiling

The sunken ceiling has 2 types of ceiling: flat ceiling and ceiling level.


Flat ceiling (or plaster ceiling) is the type of ceiling with the finished sheet surface lying on the same plane, not exposing any skeleton ceiling or any other design.

This type of ceiling is suitable for spaces with a moderate or modest area because they create a spacious space thanks to the reduction of all decorative details. Therefore, often bedrooms with a smaller area than the remaining function rooms can apply this type of ceiling in interior decoration.

beautiful bare pattern

Level drop ceilings are divided into two additional types of ceiling, which are open level ceilings and closed level ceilings.

The recognizing feature of the drop-level ceiling is easy to see, the ceiling is composed of a skeleton and plasterboard form different classes (also called levels). Each level is a beautifully crafted, curled shape. Therefore, this is the ceiling pattern widely applied by the Vietnamese family.

beautiful bedroom ceiling template

Bedroom room model (drop ceiling)

La phong (drop ceiling) is commonly used in offices, schools, halls, houses. Your bedroom can also do la phong. Currently, on the market there are many types of bedroom lounges made from many different materials. However, the most broad spectrum material is still plaster or Vinh Tuong Anh Kim font plate.

Sample bedroom drop ceiling

The size of the bare drop usually 600 × 600 or 600 × 1200, which is very suitable for a variety of spaces.

Nowadays, the mngurla rooms applied to bedrooms are not only a single color. Instead, the la Phong is decorated with an eye-catching and more diverse decorative pattern.

Sample bedroom drop ceiling

Classification of bedroom plaster ceiling samples by function

Fireproof bedroom ceiling model

Ensuring the safety of human health, lives and property, functional ceilings anti-fire spread was born. With the bedroom, the homeowner can completely choose the type of sheet with fireproof feature along with the suitable skeleton system and core design to increase safety for the space.

beautiful bedroom ceiling template

Sample bedroom ceiling sound absorption – soundproof

The bedroom is considered the most private place in the house. Therefore, this is also a space of concern sound absorption and sound insulation against noise Avoid noise from outside that affects sleep quality. Parallel is soundproof and soundproof wall, la phong ceiling or bedroom plaster models are also equipped with this feature. You can see Vinh Tuong’s sound absorption and soundproofing solutions for your own bedroom. Sample super bedroom ceiling against moisture The rainy season in the South and the dry season in the North make your house always in a humid state. In particular, your bedroom is the place with the least ventilation. Over time, the humidity in the air increases, causing mold around the room, leading to black moss that will cause many respiratory diseases.

beautiful bedroom ceiling template

At this time, making the bedroom ceiling with super moisture-proof function is essential. Use plaster ceiling Super anti-humidity for the bedroom will be an effective choice for the needs to protect the health and quality of the building. You can refer to the super moisture-proof solution from Vinh Tuong-Gyproc super moisture-resistant gypsum board.

Above are plaster ceilings and bedroom lounges with designs and functions for readers. Depending on your needs and climatic characteristics, you can choose a ceiling style that is suitable for your living space.

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Beautiful romantic plaster ceiling pattern

Form of multi-style bedroom plaster ceiling

Sample bedroom plaster ceiling – trend 2021

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Collection of Exquisite bedroom ceilings

Children's bedroom plaster ceiling model |  Vinh Tuong

Children’s bedroom plaster ceiling model

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