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Singing karaoke on TCL TV has become a trend of home entertainment that is loved by many families, especially during the outbreak of Covid’s translation. However, if your family does not have a professional karaoke player or the CD does not have new songs, how to sing? Discover the most detailed instructions on how to sing karaoke with TCL TV below.

Karaoke songs with detailed TCL TVs at home

1. Youtube

Currently, Youtube is considered one of the top video and movie publishing apps. In addition, it also holds hundreds of thousands of karaoke beat songs with all genres and is constantly updated. As long as a TCL TV is connected to the Internet, you can immerse yourself in the colorful music space of Youtube with your family. With this application, you can choose a favorite song to hum easier than ever by typing keywords of the same song title on Youtube.

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Karaoke application for Android TV box

Similar to the current Android TV box products, TCL TVs are supporting karaoke with some pre-installed applications such as Vietnamese Song karaoke.

In addition, you can also install more applications that support karaoke on TCL TV with APK File such as:

  • Smart Karaoke Player: This application is dedicated to offline karaoke with smart karaoke player and hard drive. Besides, Smart Karaoke Player supports searching songs by phone and tablet for users to have more choices. In addition, you can also turn on or off the singer voice easily through the remote.
  • Kekara – Karaoke Online: This is a free karaoke online application with thousands of songs regularly updated from youtube. In addition, Kekara also supports users to sing karaoke on TCL TV by connecting to a convenient Smartphone. Another plus point of this application is the feature to search for songs by voice on TCL TV via phone, mouse or voice search …
  • Sing together: This is also a free online karaoke application that many people love. With a rich new collection of songs, many genres that are constantly updated, you and your family can enjoy karaoke on TCL TV as you like. The interface of “Sing together” is also easy to use and fine tune. Especially the playlist list is optimized extremely well with reversing position, prioritizing, deleting the selected post …

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how to sing karaoke on TV tcl

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Conditions for you to sing karaoke on TCL TV

For you and your family to be able to sing karaoke on TCL TV better, you need some supporting tools as follows: microphone, and amplifier or speaker system, system to connect to the TV. These devices will help make the karaoke experience at home come true with high volume, good volume, and further echo.

In addition, the mic jack is also essential to support connecting the microphone to the TCL so singing is easier than ever.

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With the above instructions to sing karaoke on TCL TV, hope you and your family will have enjoyable moments of rest and relaxation at home. If you have any questions in the process of using TCL TV, please call CSKH hotline: 1800 588 880.

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